Alexandria, Virginia
Kaila Symone (K. Symone)

is a Personal Stylist and Image Sculptor with over four (4) years of experience storytelling with clothing on silhouettes of men and women. When a piece of clothing meets the eye, it becomes a magical expression of one’s personality. When transforming that garment into a holistic image, it can become an unpleasant or difficult task— namely, a chore. To overcome that challenge, K. Symone values styling by unexpectedly pairing clothing that is inclusive of all body types to create fashionable art images that transcends time.


Unexpected Pairings– The element of surprise is expertly sculpted into each outfit, training the eye to appreciate unique clothing combinations.


Inclusivity– Storytelling with clothing on all body types.


Art– Expertly sculpted outfits are transformed into fashionable images, a poetic representation of art.


Based in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area, KST by K. Symone exists to show men and women that outfit sculpting is invigorating. It is my hope to instill appreciation for the infinite, unimaginable clothing possibilities for every person around the globe!